Welcome to Big Kids Child Care,

Big Kids Child Care in a DCFS licensed group family child care located in Fox Lake, IL. Big Kids began in 2007 as a small, family child care home providing all the things I am passionate about providing for children: play, fostering imagination and innovation, exposure to the outdoors and nature, hands-on learning, and overall letting children enjoy their childhood. Over the years, the program evolved into one focused specifically on providing quality and affordable before and after school care and full day child care for school-aged children.


We are a home-based child care program focused on providing top quality care to the school-aged children in our community. Our program is located in an actual home environment, on almost an acre of land which provides awesome outdoor play experiences for the children. Our indoor setting provides ample space for learning and play for children of all ages. Our child care program was designed with children and features a multitude of age-appropriate materials and activities for children kindergarten age and up. In addition, we care about our children and families and firmly believe "it takes a village" to raise children. We are honored to be considered part of that village for each child in our care. To that end, we thank you for your consideration of our program for your child.


Sara Chatterjea